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Tire Blowouts

Los Angeles Tire Defects, Tire Blowouts, and Vehicle Rollovers

California Car, Truck and SUV Rollover Lawyers

Passenger and light truck tire tread separations are an unfortunate by-product of steel-belted radial tire technology. Due to the difficulty in obtaining adhesion of steel to rubber, there is a potential for tread separation on all steel-belted radial tires. This is true especially at high speeds in hot weather. Recent examples of lawsuits involving tire defects and tire blowouts that resulted in vehicle rollovers included the Firestone ATX and Wilderness tires on Ford Explorers, Continental General tires on Lincoln Navigators, the Firestone Steeltex tires on Ford Excursions, and the Goodyear Load Range E tires on 15-passenger vans.

Tire Defects, Tire Blowouts and  Vehicle Rollovers

The results of tire tread separation can be catastrophic. Tread belt separation frequently causes tire blowouts. Even when the tire does not lose pressure the driver may nevertheless lose control of the vehicle when the tread and belt separate. Rollover accidents caused by tread separation and tire blowouts have resulted in thousands of serious injury accidents and fatalities over the years. The Law Offices of Carl D. Barnes handles tire defects, tire blowouts, tread separation and tire lawsuits in vehicle rollover and related cases throughout California and across the United States.

Catastrophic Injuries and Fatal Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents caused by tread separation, tire blowouts, or other tire defects often result in catastrophic injuries and deaths. Common injuries in personal injury and wrongful death cases include head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, broken bones, fractures, knee injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, muscle and ligament injuries, herniated or bulging disks, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and death if an accident results in a fatality.

Experienced Tire Defect Attorneys

Regardless of which type of tire you have (Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, Dunlop, Uniroyal, Kumho, Hoosier, Fuzion, Continental, etc.) on your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, call our experienced  tire defect attorneys if you suspect that a tire defect was the cause of an accident, injury or death.  Our lawyers have experience in matters pertaining to tire defects, blowouts and tread separation, and we have worked on cases that have dealt with:

  • Flotation type tires
  • Tire durability
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Lack of nylon overlays
  • Contaminated belt stocks
  • Belt edge cracking that leads to separation
  • Defective inner tire liners
  • Inadequate inter-belt gauges / inter-ply thickness
  • Defective belt skim stock due to lack of sufficient antioxidants
  • Inadequate temperature ratings
  • Improper use of cap strips

California SUV Rollover Lawyers Representing Injury Victims Nationwide

Our California personal injury and wrongful death lawyers represent injury victims throughout the country in tire defects, tire blowouts, tread separation and tire lawsuits. For further information please contact us today for a free consultation. For immediate assistance call us toll-free nationwide at 1-800-622-7637. We look forward to helping you.