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Vehicle Rollovers

SUVs are more likely to rollover in an accident - 79 percent of fatalities in a single-SUV crash involve a rollover compared to only 45 percent for passenger vehicles.

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SUV, Car and Truck Rollover Attorney/Lawyer

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are designed to have a high center of gravity, which makes maneuvering difficult and increases the possibility of a rollover accident. This design defect puts many families at risk of serious injury or death. SUVs are responsible for a disproportionate number of rollover accidents, rollover crashes, and fatal crashes in California. That being said, Cars and Trucks are also vulnerable to rollovers. To learn more about rollover accidents involving sport utility vehicles (SUVs),  truck rollovers  and other motor vehicles please read on.

Vehicle Rollovers - An Overview

Every vehicle accident carries the danger of injuries. Accidents involving vehicle rollovers, however, are likely to produce catastrophic or fatal injuries. Even though only 3% of vehicle crashes in the US involve rollovers, 33% of deaths are due to rollovers. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a vehicle rollover accident, speak with an attorney who can help you sort out whether you have a claim against the auto manufacturer for your damages.

Litigation over sport utility vehicle (SUV) rollovers has taken off in the last two decades. This corresponds to the rise in popularity of SUVs in America. SUVs are generally more prone to rollovers than smaller passenger cars. They have a higher center of gravity than passenger cars, making them less stable in situations involving corrective steering action. Not only are SUV rollovers more common than passenger car rollovers; they are also more deadly, producing more than twice as many fatalities. SUVs are also involved in a higher percentage of single-vehicle accidents than passenger cars.

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Elements of a Vehicle Rollover

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are probably facing catastrophic medical consequences. Speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you evaluate your legal options.

When a vehicle has all four tires on a smooth surface and makes a sudden avoidance maneuver (thus traveling sideways), it should simply slide and slow down. In a rollover accident, however, the combination of the vehicle's center of gravity and the force it experiences because of the sharp turn causes it to tip over. The faster the vehicle is going, the more danger it is in of rolling over.

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Roof Crush and Seat Belt Failure

When a vehicle rollover occurs, it can cause serious injuries or fatalities. The occupant of a vehicle is twice as likely to die in a single-vehicle accident if the vehicle rolls over. Many of these injuries are due to defects in vehicle design. In certain cases, the vehicle should not have rolled over in the first place; in other cases, the vehicle's ability to withstand the crash was insufficient. If you or a loved one has experienced a vehicle rollover, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to learn your legal rights.

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The Concept of Crashworthiness

Crashworthiness is an important factor in many vehicle rollover cases. No matter what caused the car crash to happen, the vehicle should protect its occupants to a reasonable degree during the crash. This is called crashworthiness. It is an accepted principle that vehicle manufacturers should design cars, SUVs, trucks and vans to protect the occupants against unreasonable injury; this does not mean, however, that manufacturers have to protect occupants against every injury in every situation. To find out whether you have a legal claim against an auto manufacturer, speak with an experienced attorney.

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Manufacturer Defenses in Rollover Litigation

The sport utility vehicle (SUV) has become extraordinarily popular in the US. While SUVs are powerful and spacious, they are not as safe as they appear. Their high centers of gravity and narrow track width can make them prone to tipping. With millions of SUVs on American roads, their manufacturers vigorously defend themselves against lawsuits brought by injured drivers and passengers. If you believe that you have a case against an SUV or car manufacturer, contact an attorney who can advise you of your rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Rollovers

Q: Are SUVs more prone to rollovers than passenger cars?

A: SUVs, while they appear to be quite sturdy and can make their drivers feel powerful, are more vulnerable to rollovers than smaller passenger cars. This is because most SUVs have higher centers of gravity and narrower track widths. Forty percent of Americans believe, however, that SUVs are safer than passenger cars.

Q: How do SUVs fare in other types of crashes?

A: In head-on and side-impact crashes, SUVs are safer than passenger cars — for the occupants of the SUVs. The people in the smaller cars, however, often suffer more severe injuries than if the collision had been between two passenger cars.

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