- specialiing in accidents and personal injuries. - specialiing in accidents and personal injuries.
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Verdicts & Settlements

We have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Here are just a few examples:

$25 million recovered for electrical shock injury that resulted when construction worker accidentally drilled through power lines. Injuries included brain damage and amputations.

$3.6 million recovered for client who suffered an electrical shock from a drill motor defect.

$3.1 million recovered for client whose right hand was crushed and who suffered a burst fracture of the T-12 vertebrae in an accident caused by tire failure and tread separation that caused the vehicle rollover.

$3 million recovered for woman who suffered brain damage. While driving a car, she was hit by flying lumber that fell from a truck 

$2 million recovered when a hotel fire caused guests to jump to their deaths.

$1.25 million recovered for a deliveryman who lost his leg. He slipped on lettuce that was left on a ramp.

$1.25 million recovered for a water skier that was hit by a drunk boat driver.

$1.1 million recovered for a young woman who suffered brain damage as a result of her accident. In the case, there was a dispute as to which driver crossed the double yellow lines and caused the accident.

$1 million recovered for a hotel guest who slipped and fell in a shower.

$650,000 recovered for a client who was injured when tire tread-separation caused a vehicle rollover accident.

$475,000 recovered for a pedestrian who was hit by a runaway trailer.

$345,000 recovered for a mailman who slipped and fell on grease at a grocery store.

$325,000 recovered for a client who suffered a broken ankle, which was caused by tripping and falling at an apartment house.